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Ghada Adel: Egyptian comedies oppress actresses


She told Asharq Al-Awsat that being honored with the “Tetuan Film Festival” gave her great energy

The Egyptian actress, Ghada Adel, said that she felt proud during her honoring at the Tetouan Film Festival, as she was surprised by the Moroccan public’s knowledge of her roles and works.

Adel, who is absent from the upcoming Ramadan drama, indicated that she will focus more on cinema during the coming period, and Ghada expressed her enthusiasm to participate in the second part of the movie “Saidi at the American University.”

Despite receiving previous honors, honoring the Tetouan Festival occupied a special place in her heart, as she confirms: “It is one of the honors that I loved very much, and it left me with a great feeling. The honors are an appreciation from an ancient and serious festival that deals with films from various Mediterranean countries. The Moroccan people love art and culture and follow Egyptian art. There, they asked me a lot about the great artist Adel Imam, whom they adore, and I was surprised that they were following all of my artistic works, and I felt that I had an audience. In another country that follows my work and appreciates what I offer, and I presented on the stage in a dazzling manner and with touching words. And I had prepared a word to say and memorized it, but when I stood on the stage on the night of the honor, I forgot everything, and I said what I felt at that moment spontaneously. My heart beat and cried, and my daughter Maryam was sitting in the first rows clapping, and she always said similar things to me, but I used to tell her that you are my daughter and she is biased towards me, and after the ceremony she said that she was proud of me… The truth is that I lived a beautiful feeling that I cannot describe.

Ghada shows great enthusiasm for the second part of the movie “Saidi at the American University” – after Ramadan, Ghada continues filming the movie “The Cave” with director Amr Arafa (Instagram)

Ghada Adel points out that «any person, when he finds the appreciation of others for his giving, ignites with enthusiasm to give more in his field, because he feels that what he has done has not been in vain. The artist may go through periods of frustration, and he may not feel the value of what he gave, and this honor makes me more careful in my choices. Art is on a tangible and calculated journey.

Ghada was absent from the Ramadan drama this year after her participation last year, the artist Yousra, in the series “Happy Dreams.” She says about that: “I am not one of the actors who permanently reserve a place on the Ramadan map, but if I was offered a distinguished work, I would accept it, and this year I participated in an important series that achieved It was a success and is still far from the Ramadan season, and it was shown on the (Watch) platform, which is (illuminated by its people), and it was an important experience with the great director Yousry Nasrallah, and I had another series that I was about to start filming, but it was postponed due to lack of time.

Ghada stressed her love for cinema, explaining: “I am trying to focus more on it during the coming period, and I have filmed two films: the first (Answer Hour), which is a group starring film similar to my films (200 pounds) and (The Court), and it is one of the types of films I love, and the subject of the film Attractive and directed by Mostafa Abu Seif, and the second movie (The Yellow Duck) with Mohamed Abdel Rahman and Salah Abdullah, Mahmoud Hafez and directed by Essam Nassar. I love comedies, and I feel happy when I can draw a smile on people’s faces, because the world has enough crises and worries The story of the film is based on black comedy, and it is currently undergoing editing.

Ghada admits that she does not easily find the roles she aspires to: “It is not easy as some people imagine, there is no easy success, and there is no easy distinction, but I loved the movie (The Yellow Duck) and found in it a distinctive writing for the character. Egyptian comedies often oppress actresses in favor of actors. Men”.

And she continued: “After Ramadan, I will continue filming the movie (The Cave) with director Amr Arafa, after a long hiatus since the (Covid 19) epidemic, and we will film some of its scenes in the state of Morocco after Eid Al-Fitr.”

Ghada shows great enthusiasm for the second part of the movie “Saidi at the American University”, which was decided to start filming during the coming period, a quarter of a century after its production, saying: “I am very excited to return to my first love, the movie (Saidi at the American University). I also have every nostalgia for this work that witnessed all of our beginnings.

And about the difference between Ghada in the two times and the extent of the change that occurred to her, she says: “As an actress, I gained more experience, and as a person, my responsibilities definitely changed and increased, whether towards my art or my children. In fact, her father and I do that, as she is a personality that gives us positive energy and wonderful feelings, and she is the candle that lights our lives, as well as her siblings, but the girl with her tender heart can tell her and benefit from her opinion, and she also loves directing and the field of design, but she has not decided which field she will pursue in the future.

Ghada participated in the “Riyadh Season” last summer with the play “A Happy Opportunity”, and she talks about the theatre, saying: “I restored my relationship with the theater through the Riyadh Season, and last season I presented the play (A Happy Opportunity), and I again enjoyed standing on stage and facing the audience, and the truth is the audience.” The Saudi is very encouraging and keen to watch theater and movies.

Ghada says, “I liked the Saudi movie (Al-Hamour), which discusses a real problem and was well written.