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French Foreign Minister: We confront Iran’s behavior with our partners


She told Asharq Al-Awsat that Paris is coordinating with Riyadh to support the stability of the region… and will continue to support Ukraine militarily

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna saw that Iran is “adopting an escalatory approach” through its destabilizing activities in the Middle East region, referring to Tehran’s nuclear and ballistic programs, drones and its direct threats, as well as its resort to its proxies in the region. The French minister confirmed that her country will work with its European partners to address Iranian behavior.

Colonna, who will make her first visit to the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, said in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that strengthening relations between France on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi on the other, “can be considered as a way to respond to this reality.”

And the minister added that the region can “rely on Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as they are the poles of stability in the region,” and stressed that Paris “wants to strengthen relations with Riyadh in all fields, and that it supports Vision 2030.”

As the war in Ukraine will enter its second year at the end of this month, Colonna confirmed that Paris’ “clear” position is based on providing the military means that Kyiv needs to defend its sovereignty and regain control of all its lands, and that France is “continuing” in this approach, including military support. .

On the region’s crises, including the Lebanese file, Colonna affirmed that the Lebanese are “victims of a bankrupt regime” and that Paris’ first goal is to continue to help them and support the institutions that guarantee Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence. Reiterating her country’s call to the political class in order to facilitate the election of a President of the Republic and to facilitate the establishment of a government that works to implement reforms as a first step towards salvation.

Likewise, the French minister considered that Morocco and Algeria are essential partners and friends of France, adding that President Emmanuel Macron wants to consolidate the close relations that bind France with each of them, as “we share a lot of things, and this involves attaching great importance to young people who represent the beating heart of our bilateral relations.” ».
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