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Former Sudanese Minister of Justice: Army leaders asked for amnesty


The former Sudanese Minister of Justice, Nasr El-Din Abdel-Bari, revealed details related to the initial secret negotiations that took place between the military leaders and the negotiators of the opposition coalition, “Freedom and Change”, regarding resolving the political crisis. Especially the issue of achieving justice, explaining that the military asked to be granted “an amnesty by constitutional provision or legal treatment.”

Abdel Bari’s speech came yesterday before the National Conference on Transitional Justice held in Khartoum, explaining that the challenge facing the civilian negotiators was how to reconcile the demands of the masses for justice for the victims, in exchange for the military’s fear of their fate after the completion of the ongoing political process that will transfer power to civilians. .

The former minister stated that the beginning of the negotiations revolved around the use of the temporary constitution of 1964, which granted the military leaders of the 1958 coup an “absolute amnesty.” However, civilians emphasized that this is not possible in light of the major developments in international human rights law. Abdel Bari added that the civilians shifted the discussion from talking about “unconditional amnesty to conditional amnesty,” in return for obtaining gains in the way of transition to civilian rule.
Former Sudanese Minister of Justice: Army leaders asked for amnesty