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“Fire with Fire”… The Controversy of Racism and the Bitter Reality


Sadiq Al-Sabah: The series deals with realities in which the Syrians and the Lebanese struggle

The series “Fire with Fire”, which is shown on the Lebanese “LBCI” screen, and the “Watch” platform, aroused the attention of the drama’s followers during the month of Ramadan.

Since the start of showing its first episodes, the viewer has been drawn in, to convey a reality in which Syrians and Lebanese alike are floundering.

Perhaps the fifth episode of it, which witnesses a racist argument between its two heroes, Karis Bashar and George Khabbaz, was the fuse of the fire that ignited the social media. It included a scene highlighting the fire hidden under the ashes by both parties. So the series turned with her overnight into the talk of the country, and the debate about it was divided between supporters and opponents. Some considered that it fuels racism between the two countries, while others found that it conveys a bitter reality that must be accepted.

The production of this work was expected by the “Al-Sabah” company, as its president and owner, Sadiq Al-Sabah, confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that he had expected all this noise to occur around it.

And he believed that the drama that we praise as the mirror of society must be accompanied by action. And he continues in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat: “In this work, we present a true picture of the reality we live in, and it is too early for us to judge it now. Starting from the 20th episode, we will witness many developments, then the viewer will begin to receive the messages he carries.

In Sadiq Al-Sabah’s opinion, the series deals with facts that cannot be overlooked, “and whoever considers that the opposite is true, let him inform us of that.”

Al-Sabah points out that this racism and friction between the Syrian and Lebanese peoples is present among many peoples whose countries border each other.
“Fire with fire”… racist dialogues cause confusion