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Egypt: Comics adventure attracts Cairo Comics fans


In the courtyard of the Mahmoud Mokhtar Center in Egypt, the audience receives the heroes of the “comics” with their amazing features, their tumultuous adventures, and their unexpected plans; Where the creators of these heroes and characters side by side to receive visitors who wander between the tables to enjoy the latest productions of the comics arts collected by the seventh edition of the “Cairo International Comic Book Festival” this year, and runs until November 13.

Poster for “Cairo Comics”

The festival known for its acronym “Cairo Comics” seems to be the only festival dedicated to the arts of comics; Its artists gather in this annual event over three days, to display their art ranging from magazines and brochures, brochures, and posters carrying comics stories ranging from science fiction, adventure, romance, and the cartoon world.

Public turnout to inspect the festival exhibits

The drawings of the world of “manga” attract attention, which are presented by artist Rasha Abu Al-Maati, illustrator and designer, during the festival. She told Asharq Al-Awsat that “the world of (manga) attracted her since she was a child in her school years, and she decided to enter this field, and to draw inspiration from those drawings that were known mainly in Japan.” She added, “My goal is to put Egypt on the global map for the international manga competitions, which I am already participating in. During the festival, I will present the (Al-Ghuraba) magazine, which presents science fiction content that mixes the American plot and Japanese manga, but is far from the idea of ​​​​superheroes. .

Rasha Abu Al-Maati while signing a storyboard

Rasha also presents the magazine “The Rocket Selfie”, in which she presents through her drawings a more local world, showing Egyptian streets and heroes inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The art of “manga” is one of the most prominent pictorial arts in the world, and it is the term that the Japanese use for comics. Outside Japan, it is used to denote comics that are painted in a style similar to the Japanese style.

Dramatic events in one of the festival’s comics

Artist Mariam Abdel Latif works mainly in the field of animation, but she is looking for media in which to draw in addition to animation. She confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat: “In this year’s festival, I present a brochure (Flip Book), in which I present serial drawings that make the spectator feel that he is watching animated clips, and despite the difficulty of implementing this idea, I was surprised by the great demand for purchasing these brochures, and this encouraged me. I will print more of them.”

Actress Maryam Abdel Latif next to her posts

Maryam’s comic book heroes are inspired by the stories “Supernatural” by the late writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. She adds: “I usually like to listen to music or audio books during my work and design, and as I listened to the series of stories of Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik through the audiobook team (audio books), I found myself wanting to transform these stories and their adventures into something visual, with everything It contains imagination and ideas, so I turned it into illustrations, in addition to that I was a fan of these stories and have been keen to collect and read them since my childhood.”

Public interest in visiting the festival pavilions

In addition to being inspired by “Supernatural,” Maryam and her friend, designer Shorouq, present the character “Smoosie Lazoe,” a cartoon chicken character, who was the heroine of the animated film, in which they won first place at the “Animatics” Film Festival, and during the festival they promoted that character that they created. Through brochures, games and posters that appealed to adults and children alike.

“Al-Ghuraba” magazine among the exhibits of the artist Rasha Abu Al-Maati

A return to Maryam, who asserts that “there is a false impression that (Cairo Comics), is an artistic event that only specialists of painters and designers are interested in, but the reality proves that it can attract many audiences who spend a good time among the depicted characters and are keen to acquire what they like.” .

The world of comics at Mahmoud Mokhtar Center

Cairo Comics Festival pays great attention to the development of the independent movement of the art of comics in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa in particular, considering comics as an art form parallel to other creative media such as street arts, animation, cinema, video arts and graphic design. These arts.