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Disney and the Oscars


> Steven Spielberg’s movie “West Side Story” succeeded in taking the “Golden Globes” award in the category of best musical or comedy, which confirms that it will be a competitive horse in the next Oscar race. It is an expectation that preceded the results of the “Golden Globes” and was reinforced by them.
> It does not mean that he is among the Oscars for which he will be nominated (best film, best director among others), as there is strong competition from several films, led by “Mass of the Dog”, which won the same association award in the category of dramatic films. Most of the other prizes are from cash institutions.
> The remarkable thing is that the aforementioned movie was produced by Twentieth Century Fox, which was acquired by Disney. The latter is distributed. But in Hollywood’s calculations, it is the production that climbs the podium to receive the Oscar for Best Picture. Therefore, Walt Disney will not feel that it is the one who won, but rather the company that acquired it for its old and new library of films.
> This prompted me to quickly review the history of Disney (she is now 98 years old) to find that her actual luck from the Best Picture Oscars is zero from the beginning of the history of the Oscars to today, 94 years ago. This situation is a carbon copy of earlier settings, as Disney previously bought Miramax, which produced the winning films “The English Patient” and “Shakespeare in Love” and “Nomadeland” by Searchlight, a Fox subsidiary that owned Disney.
> Disney has better luck with its animation films, but some of those films (such as WALL – E and the Toy Story series) were made by Pixar, which in turn was independent until Disney bought them.