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Bye in August, Marquez’s new novel


Fans of the literature of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez are on a date, on these days in the early spring of next year, with a new novel that will be released coinciding with the 10th anniversary of his passing, according to his heirs, and his two sons; Rodrigo and Gonzalo.

Talking about a novel titled “Bye in August” and it is located in 150 pages, which eluded the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” to finish, and it will be published by “Penguin Ranson House” in all Spanish-speaking countries, except for Mexico.

The novel includes 5 separate stories, forming an integrated unit. Its heroine is an educated woman on the verge of old age, called Anna Magdalena Bach, who is still very beautiful. She travels in the middle of every August to the small island, where her mother’s resting place is in the cemetery of the poor, to tell It contains details of her emotional adventures with her lovers, “surreptitiously from her husband.”

It is noteworthy that the first time that information was mentioned about this text was in 1999, when Marquez read one of the five stories at an evening organized by the “America House” in Madrid, announcing that it would be “the starting point for a new novel of his that will soon see the light.”

He rewrote it several times, and stated in 2004 that he was “completely satisfied with his approach to the crisis of the heroine of the novel,” before depositing the text, along with his papers, at the Harry Ranson Center at the University of Texas, which purchased his entire material legacy. But his publisher stated a year after his death that he was not satisfied with the final outcome of the novel.
A new novel by Marquis, 10 years after his death