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Belarus to receive a “Russian nuclear”… without control keys


Kiev relies on “exhausting the enemy” in Bakhmut… and receives the first tanks from the West

Moscow: Raed Jabr – Kyiv. Minsk: «Middle East»

Belarus announced yesterday that it will deploy Russian “tactical” nuclear weapons on its territory in response to Western “pressure”, indicating that it will not receive control keys with it.

And the Belarusian Foreign Ministry stated, in a statement, that Minsk “has been subjected to unprecedented pressures for two and a half years by the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies,” condemning “direct and shameless interference” in the internal affairs of Belarus. She added that the economic and political sanctions imposed on this former Soviet republic, Russia’s ally, are accompanied by “strengthening the military capacity” of NATO on the lands of its member states and neighboring Belarus.

Under these circumstances, Belarus finds itself “compelled to take retaliatory measures,” according to the ministry, which stressed at the same time that Minsk will not control these weapons, and that their deployment “does not contradict Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.”

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his agreement with Minsk to deploy “tactical” nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, indicating that preparations for the deployment of these weapons will begin next month.

In a related context, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces said yesterday that his country is seeking to inflict heavy losses on the Russian forces that are trying to control the city of Bakhmut, in the east of the country, referring to the adoption of a plan to “exhaust the enemy.” “As of today, our main task is to wear down the enemy forces and inflict heavy losses on them,” Cirsky said in a video clip. This will create the necessary conditions to help liberate Ukrainian lands and accelerate our victory.

On the other hand, Ukraine began receiving the first heavy tanks from the West. Kiev received the British Challenger and German Leopard tanks, which were promised at the beginning of the year, coinciding with the spring offensive that the Ukrainian forces are planning to launch.
Minsk defends the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons on its territory