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Artificial intelligence threatens careers and changes the future of marketing


In recent years, artificial intelligence has affected human society, and has made it possible to automate many tedious tasks that were once the exclusive domain of humans, and with every emergence of creative job tasks, artificial intelligence systems come to replace them and save money and workers.

The age of artificial intelligence will dramatically change the way we work and the professions we practice. According to the information technology researcher, Engineer Khaled Abu Ibrahim, it is expected that 5 professions will be greatly affected in the near future.

Sarah is the first Saudi robot to speak in the colloquial dialect

Among the most professions, which were and still are subject to artificial intelligence systems to save effort and money, are manual labor professions. According to Abu Ibrahim, in the coming period, modern technologies will be able to develop machines and robots capable of carrying out tasks such as construction and cleaning instead of manual labour.

Abu Ibrahim pointed out that the accounting and financial profession will also be affected, as professions that require accounts and financial analysis will enable modern technologies to develop computer programs capable of conducting financial analysis and preparing financial reports instead of people, as well as in the field of law, professions that require legal work may be greatly affected. In the future.

New technologies may be able to conduct legal research and analyze legal documents more effectively than humans.

The profession of journalism and media has not escaped the impact of the development of artificial intelligence. According to Abu Ibrahim, modern technologies may be able to produce news and information more effectively and quickly than humans, as well as marketing and advertising, which is expected to be greatly affected in the future. It may also be able to identify consumers’ needs and wants and target ads to them more effectively than humans.

Abu Ibrahim explained that although professions are greatly affected in the current era, it may be possible to develop new skills and new technologies that enable people to work more effectively and efficiently in other professions.

Saudi robot Sarah

Recently, the world of advertising has changed with the advent of new technologies, and automated advertising has emerged as a practical alternative to the traditional celebrity endorsement model that has long dominated the advertising landscape. This trend is likely to continue as robotics technology advances, effectively eliminating the need for celebrity endorsers.

And bot technology has allowed advertisers to create realistic renderings of their brands and products. These automated ads can be programmed using sophisticated algorithms to target specific audiences, allowing advertisers to deliver highly customized messages to their target market.

Moreover, bot technology eliminates the need for expensive celebrity endorsements, and as bots become more realistic and efficient, the need for celebrity endorsers will be phased out, and this could lead to more efficient and effective advertising campaigns, allowing companies to invest more in creative messaging. and content.

Abu Ibrahim says: “Today, artificial intelligence offers highly targeted and effective ads, as it can analyze user data and better identify their needs and desires. And the more artificial intelligence analyzes the data, the more accurate and effective the ads will be.”

In addition, artificial intelligence can analyze online browsing history to determine which ads are appropriate and display them. It can also analyze text, images, and videos to select appropriate ads for users.

Marketing and advertising companies and brand owners can be the champions of advertising provided by artificial intelligence, as they use its techniques to analyze data, find the right customers and show them the right ads. Companies specialized in developing software and related technologies can also play an important role in developing the advertisements it provides.