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Annie Erno’s “courage” leads her to the “Nobel” of literature


The writer of “Al-Sahel Al-Mutta’an” was a permanent guest on the list of nominations

Can you write your autobiography with courage and without shame trying to discuss social and cultural issues?

This is what the French writer Annie Ernault, who was always a guest on the list of nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature, did to finally get it.

The Nobel Committee said, in a press conference, yesterday, that “the French writer was distinguished by courage and clinical accuracy in discovering the roots and moving away from the collective constraints of personal memory.”

Erno’s work constantly and from different angles examines a life marked by extremes of gender, language and class, says Anders Olsson, chair of the Nobel Committee for Literature. Born in Normandy in 1940, Ernault is described as the “permanent nominee for the Nobel Prize”, the first French writer to win the prize since her compatriot Patrick Modiano in 2014, and the 16th French writer to win the Nobel Prize to date.

“Winning the Nobel Prize is a great honor and a very great responsibility,” Erno told Swedish TV yesterday.
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