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An international forum for sculpture in Riyadh


30 artists showcasing their archeological and contemporary creations

Each of the artists participating in the “Tuwaiq Sculpture Forum” stood next to his sculpture to answer questions from the audience, who came to celebrate the presentation of the work of months of preparations and thinking and less than a month of excavation and formation.

The period of display to the general public began last Saturday, and it ends on the tenth of this month before the sculptures move to their next station, and they are distributed to different places in the capital, Riyadh, which, thanks to these pieces, will be transformed into an open museum.

For Sarah Al-Ruwaite, the director of this international forum, there is an essential thing that deserves to be recorded, which is the use of local stones from Riyadh. Al-Ruwaite says, “For the first time since the launch of the Tuwaiq Sculpture Forum in 2019, the forum uses stones derived from quarries in Riyadh, specifically granite and sandstone known as the Riyadh stone.” And she adds, “Choice has its significance and symbolism; It is a way to shed light on the deep history of these stones from ancient times, which appeared in archaeological inscriptions and drawings, all the way to contemporary sculptures.

The artistic coordinator of the forum, Marek Wolensky, described the event as a “platform for meeting and collaboration” between artists. And he went on, in response to a question about the artistic coordination of the forum, that the 30 participating artists were actually living together in “Durrat Al-Riyadh”, the venue of the forum, and they exchanged knowledge and experiences. He points out that exchange and cooperation were among the things that were praised by the work team at the forum, and some of them emphasized that the resulting works benefited from that creative collective spirit.