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An exhibition in Riyadh that brings together the most prestigious international jewelry companies


The Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh, in partnership with the General Authority for Exhibitions and Conventions, has established the “Saudi Jewelery Exhibition”, which aims to bring international and local brands specialized in the jewelry sector under one roof, in addition to supporting novice makers and presenting their designs to attendees.

More than 100 international brands from the most prestigious jewelry companies are participating in the exhibition. The exhibition will also host a number of workshops and panel discussions to educate jewelry lovers and designers, a gemstone laboratory, and a number of experimental and entertainment events to enrich the visitors’ experience.

Under the slogan (Jewel in the Heart), the exhibition is the most prominent event to enjoy seeing the finest luxury jewelry, as it attracts jewelry lovers, designers, and those interested in the sector, in addition to dignitaries, experts, and specialists in the field of international jewelry and jewelry, during the period from December 6 to 10. (December) 2022, near Riyadh City Boulevard in the capital, Riyadh.

Amjad Shaker, Acting CEO of the Exhibitions and Conferences Authority, told Asharq Al-Awsat that Saudi Arabia tops the list of Arab countries that sell the highest gold, and it ranked ninth in the list of the top 10 countries buying gold in the world during 2021, and the volume of the luxury products market in the Kingdom reached about 7.41 billion dollars in the same year.

The show includes a selection of the most luxurious jewelry in the world (Photo: Saleh Al-Ghannam).

From this standpoint, it was only natural for Saudi Arabia to occupy its appropriate position within the jewelry segment in the exhibition sector. Accordingly, a strategy was developed for the Saudi Jewelery Show to become, over time, the largest fair in the world.

He added, “The exhibition is a global platform that brings together the largest companies, goldsmiths, jewelry dealers, brands from different countries of the world, and collectors of jewelry and rare pieces under one roof. Thus, it gives exhibitors the opportunity to display their jewelry in a new and innovative way, and also provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy shopping in an atmosphere full of luxury and sophistication.

Shaker continued, “The exhibition represents an important gateway to introducing the world to Saudi jewelry brands to help them grow and reach larger markets. startups, as well as the exhibition’s role in showcasing inspiring success stories.” Shaker pointed out that the exhibition gave the exhibitors the opportunity to participate in many workshops aimed at enriching knowledge in the field of jewelry design and manufacture. Jewelry, all in order to support and assist local exhibitors and develop their industry.

The exhibition includes a pavilion for “An Arabian Jewel”, which displays jewelry inspired by Saudi history and antiquities, and borrowed from the ancient civilizations that settled the Arabian Peninsula, such as Dadan and the Nabataeans, where several rings were displayed, including the Al-Farid ring designed by Fatima Shaul, whose design was inspired by the Al-Farid Palace in Al-Ula. And the bridge that connects the present with the past. In addition to presenting the Kayan ring, designed by Jamila Faqihi, whose design was inspired by the strength and solidity of the Dadanian inscriptions in the tombs of the famous lions, and the softness of the lace fabric to express the woman’s being with all that it embodies in terms of strength, toughness, steadfastness, beauty and softness in perfect harmony, and the ring is distinguished by the multiple ways to wear it.