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“Allegiance to the Supreme Leader”… Will it achieve gains for the “London Brotherhood” in its struggle for leadership?


“Allegiance to the Supreme Leader”… Will it achieve gains for the “London Brotherhood” in its struggle for leadership?

Experts talked about Salah Abdel-Haq’s attempts to gain the support of Mohamed Badie

Tuesday – 6 Ramadan 1444 AH – March 28, 2023 AD

Mohamed Badie (archive – Reuters)

Cairo: Walid Abdel Rahman

The announcement by Salah Abdel-Haq, the acting guide of the new “Brotherhood”, that he pledged allegiance to Muhammad Badi, the general guide of the “Brotherhood” organization, raised questions about whether this pledge of allegiance from Abdel-Haq and the “London Front” to Badi, who is in Egyptian prisons, achieved gains for the “London Group.” In their struggle with the “Istanbul Front” over the leadership of the organization?
The Egyptian authorities classify the “Brotherhood” as a “terrorist” organization, and the leaders of the organization and Mohamed Badie were sentenced to “death and life and hard imprisonment,” on charges of involvement in “violence” that erupted after the removal of former President Mohamed Morsi from power on July 3, 2013. following popular protests. Experts and specialists said, “The differences between the (London) and (Istanbul) fronts will not subside, and the divisions will increase, and the repeated brandishing of the leader’s card of allegiance to gain ground, attract leading elements, and confirm the legitimacy of each front.”
It is noteworthy that, after months of conflict over the position of acting guide of the “Brotherhood”, the “London Front” finally announced the appointment of Salah Abdel-Haq (79 years) to the post. However, the “Istanbul Front” affirmed its rejection of Abdel-Haq. And it renewed its “adherence to Mahmoud Hussein as acting guide.”
Abdel-Haq pledged allegiance to Muhammad Badie, in a recent letter to him, in which he urged him to line up within the organization and leave the differences, as well as his attempt to “co-opt the leaders of the (Brotherhood) inside Egyptian prisons.”
The expert on fundamentalist affairs in Egypt, Ahmed Zaghloul, said, “Salah Abdel-Haq’s talk about pledging allegiance to the Brotherhood’s guide aims to achieve gains for the (London front) in its struggle over the leadership of the organization; Because Mahmoud Hussein is trying to present himself as the real leadership of the organization, and any other leadership is dissident from the organization, and he – that is, Mahmoud Hussein – had previously obtained the legitimacy of the leadership from Muhammad Badie.
And the “Istanbul Front” announced earlier, “the failure of negotiations with the (London Group) regarding the position of acting guide.” The “Istanbul Group” accused the “London Front” of “attempts to dismember the (Brotherhood) and form illegal parallel entities, and impose people, in reference to the (London Group’s) choices for the occupant of the charge d’affaires position at the head of the organization, in clear violation of the rules and regulations.”
Zaghloul added to Asharq Al-Awsat that “Badi’ is the only person in the organization with some prison leaders who do not have any disagreements within the (Brotherhood); Because they are far from any conflict within the organization; Therefore, each conflicting front is keen to confirm its loyalty to the General Guide in the hope of resolving the conflict in its favor at a later time.” And now Salah Abdel-Haq is using it.”
It is noteworthy that the conflict between the “London” and “Istanbul” fronts over the position of the acting guide was preceded by many disagreements during the past months, after Ibrahim Mounir dissolved the Administrative Office for Organization Affairs in Turkey, and formed a “supreme body” alternative to the “Brotherhood Guidance Office.” . This was followed by the formation of the “London Front”, a new “Shura Council”, and the dismissal of members of the “Istanbul Shura Council” and Mahmoud Hussein from their posts.
According to a source familiar with the Brotherhood’s movements, “the issue of allegiance to the (Brotherhood) may not have any legal justification,” explaining that “repeatedly waving the guide’s pledge of allegiance to gain ground, new supportive elements, and to confirm the legitimacy of each of the two fronts.” Here, observers see, “Abdul-Haq’s assertion of renewing allegiance to Badi’ is a hint from him to his role as acting guide, and to confirm his loyalty to Badi’ and prison leaders.”
Returning to Ahmed Zaghloul, who explained, “Each of the parties to the conflict within the (Brotherhood) is trying to move in the name of the guide, to confirm that he is the legitimate leadership,” pointing out that “the dispute between the (London) and (Istanbul) fronts may not be resolved by anyone; Except Muhammad Badie.


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