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Algeria turns to Italy to conclude “arms deals”


The Libyan “stability” government warns against “igniting a fuse for war”

The Libyan “stability” government warned that “excessive use of force” would “ignite a fuse of war between the demographics in the region, and thwart efforts for comprehensive national reconciliation.” And this was due to the air strikes that were carried out by warplanes affiliated with the government of Abdul Hamid al-Dabiba on the city of Zawiya and other areas in the west of the country.

The government, supported by the House of Representatives, condemned the “air strikes” and considered them “unconsidered actions and actions,” while the United Nations Support Mission in Libya said today (Friday) that it is closely following the events that occurred yesterday in the city of Zawiya, explaining that it remains Continuous communication with the concerned Libyan authorities in this regard.

The mission considered, in its statement, that these events “constitute a reminder of the urgent need to unify the security and military institutions in Libya, empower them and make them accountable, in order to ensure the safety and stability of the Libyan people throughout the entire country,” noting that any measures related to law enforcement “should be To take into account the relevant national and international laws. The protection of civilians must remain a top priority.”

Hours after the Ministry of Defense of the government of Al-Dabaiba announced the implementation of “accurate and targeted air strikes against the hideouts of fuel smuggling gangs, drug trafficking, and human trafficking in the West Coast region,” Osama Hammad, head of the “stability” government, said: “We watched with concern and regret the events of the Greater Zawiya city. and its environs from armed clashes and drone strikes.” He called on sheikhs, sages, and notables to “intervene quickly in order to extinguish the fire of sedition before it increases.” He also called on the Public Prosecutor to initiate the necessary legal measures “to hold accountable everyone who begged himself to endanger the lives of citizens in danger, harm, and destruction,” recalling that “the national duty is imposed on every one.” We must preserve the security of the homeland and the safety of its citizens… and stop harming the peaceful population, and preserve the stability of the region.

Osama Hammad, head of the Libyan “stability” government (the government’s media office)

The air strikes carried out by the Al-Dabaiba government forces in western Libya yesterday (Thursday) continue to cast varying shadows on the country, between supporters and opponents of it. While sources suggested that the forces intend to intensify their ground operations in the region to “confront the outlaws.”

After Friday prayers today, citizens gathered in Martyrs’ Square in Al-Zawiya, against the background of the tense events taking place in their area. The movement to correct the course in the Great Zawia called on the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Dbeibeh government to “fight crime and raid its hideouts in Zawiya and the western coast.” In a statement, he reiterated his support for these measures, stipulating that “departure from exploiting the movement’s demands to settle political scores, and that operations be deep in smuggling and contraband dens without discrimination.”

The movement also stressed the support of the security room formed by the Chief of Staff and the Defense Council, to actually start its security posts, and arrest the wanted persons, while supporting the security services in the city.

For its part, the General Administration of Coast Security, Al Gharbia Branch (Al Maya Point), “strongly” condemned the shelling, which it described as “brutal”, which targeted the Al Maya sea port for combating illegal immigration, which is affiliated with the General Administration, noting that it “caused many material damages.” represented by a number of marine boats belonging to the agency.

In another matter, the Chief of Staff of the Al-Dabiba forces announced a training process to “raise the capabilities and skills of the members of (Brigade 111 Maghafel), so that they are at a high level of maximum readiness,” noting that the exercises include the use of artillery, under the supervision of specialists among the officers and non-commissioned officers of the Libyan army and affiliates of the brigade. .

A team of officers and non-commissioned officers from the Special Forces of the Dbeibeh government forces to Italy to receive a training course (Head of Staff)

A team of officers and non-commissioned officers from the Special Forces affiliated with the Chief of Staff of the Dbeibeh government also left for Italy (Thursday) evening to receive an advanced training course in their field of specialization. The General Staff said, in its statement, that the training aims to “raise the skills and combat efficiency of the forces.”

Training for the elements of the “Brigade 111 Maghafel” on the use of artillery (Head of Staff of the Dbeibeh government forces)

Commenting on the armed attack on the Libyan Military Attaché building in Khartoum, the Foreign Ministry of the government of Dabaiba said that it caused material damage to the building. The members of the diplomatic mission were evacuated from its headquarters in the Sudanese capital and returned to Libya.

In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all Sudanese parties to “prosecute those proven to be involved in this criminal act, which harms relations of cooperation between brothers, and violates the Vienna Agreement on Diplomatic Relations and the laws and customs regulating all diplomatic work,” noting that Libya renews its condemnation of “the repeated attacks on The headquarters of some diplomatic missions of a number of countries are in the Sudanese capital, and these countries share their refusal to continue these actions that further complicate the situation in brotherly Sudan.