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A warning of the failure of the Sudanese “framework agreement”.


There were warnings in Sudan yesterday (Monday) of the failure of the “framework agreement” between the military and civilians, after statements by military leaders interpreted as “a retreat from the framework agreement signed between them and civilians.”

The most prominent warnings came from the words of former member of the Sovereignty Council, Muhammad al-Faki Suleiman, a prominent leader in the opposition coalition “Freedom and Change”, in a dialogue session with the unions on Monday. He said, “We in (Freedom and Change) say that the framework agreement exists and there is no alternative to it, and if it falls, it will lead the country to confrontation.” He continued, “This is something we do not want, because our country is not ready for it, and its economic conditions cannot bear it.”

Al-Faki warned against what he called “the militarization and mobilization operations that take place in full view of the security and military agencies.” He held these agencies “responsible for any confrontations that may occur between the people.” He said, “Perhaps these apparatuses bless this dangerous act. The rhetoric of mobilization and the call for militarization is based on an ethnic and racist basis.”

Al-Faki explained, “The armed struggle movements that participated in the government in accordance with the Juba Peace Agreement made wrong choices (…) However, the mistake of their choices does not justify the racial and ethnic mobilization against them.” He said: “The army of people against the forces of peace is a very dangerous matter, and it is called for with the knowledge of the leadership of the state, and perhaps it will bless it, and it warns of an explosion of conditions in the country.” He continued: “The country is living in a very fragile state, and any fighting on an ethnic basis may lead to a long civil war.” It exceeds all wars in the region, and we are not ready to return to war again.

He referred to what he called “attempts by the elements of the former regime and the Islamists who are working to push the state of congestion and feed it and spread hate speech and defiance, and seek more economic deterioration, which causes more state inability to bring it to a state of collapse.”

He called for moving forward with the framework agreement, as “the main solution to the country’s security and economic problems,” and said: “We are proceeding with the framework agreement because it is the only solution, and there is no other solution to the country’s problems.” And we say it with the utmost courage: It is the way to reform state institutions.

Referring to what a member of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Shams al-Din Kabbashi, said, “that the forces signing the framework agreement are not sufficient, and that they will not continue with an agreement signed by ten people,” al-Faki said: “Those present in the framework agreement are sufficient in number to make it a success and secure the democratic transition.” And he continued, “Assuming that it is not sufficient, who will expand the powers of the framework agreement? We are now conducting a dialogue between the forces that signed the framework agreement, to consider a number of requests to join the agreement, and whoever joins it will join it on the terms of the revolution and the forces of the revolution, and not on the terms of another party. Sign the framework agreement or participate in the next government, they are the forces of the revolution ».

Al-Faki warned against what he called a “large alignment against the framework agreement” led by the forces of the old regime, saying: “They want the situation to continue as it is, and they are ready to go for any options, including the option of the fall of the state, through the parallel state that they made during their thirty-year rule.” ».