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A Palestinian-Israeli agreement to create a mechanism to address violence


Yesterday, the Palestinian and Israeli sides agreed, during a meeting in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh, to develop a mechanism to address violence, incitement, statements and moves that might cause the situation between the two sides to flare up.

Egyptian, Jordanian, Israeli, Palestinian and American security officials and politicians met in Sharm el-Sheikh, to complement the understanding reached in Aqaba on February 26.

The meeting concluded with agreement on several points, the first of which is the renewal of the participants’ commitment to promoting security, stability and peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. With recognition of “the need to achieve calm on the ground and prevent further violence, and seek to take confidence-building measures, and deal with outstanding issues through direct dialogue.”

In another matter, Israeli sources said that the assassination of Engineer Ali Al-Aswad of the “Islamic Jihad” in the Damascus countryside, on Sunday, comes in the context of an organized Israeli operation against the movement to prevent its operations during the imminent month of Ramadan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted, at the outset of his government session yesterday, that Israel was behind the operation.