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Local stock gains exceed 42 billion dirhams in a week


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The local stock markets consolidated their gains during last week’s trading, and its market capitalization gained more than 42 billion dirhams.

The market capital of the listed shares rose from 2.78 trillion dirhams at the end of last Friday’s session to 2.82 trillion dirhams at the end of today’s session, distributed by 2.244 trillion dirhams for shares listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and 579.12 billion dirhams for shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

Local shares attracted a liquidity of nearly 8 billion dirhams during the week, distributed by 6.48 billion dirhams in the Abu Dhabi market and 1.5 billion dirhams in the Dubai market. About 1.89 billion shares were traded through the implementation of more than 91.1 thousand transactions.

The Abu Dhabi market index “FADEX 15” rose during the week by 1.66%, or 161.07 points, to close at 9,872.41 points, while the FTSE Abu Dhabi General Market “Fadji” index rose by 1.58%, equivalent to 154.5 points, to close at 9905.37 points, with the financial sector index rising by 1.4%, real estate, 2.45%, energy 0.91%, and communications 3.53%.

The rise of the Abu Dhabi market was supported by a rise in shares such as “Abu Dhabi Ports” by 10.7%, “Multiplay” 9.12%, “TAQA” 6.64%, “Abu Dhabi Islamic” 5.86%, “I &” 3.68%, “Abu Dhabi Commercial” 3.66% and “Al Dar” 3.09%, and First Abu Dhabi 0.22%.

The “International Holding” stock rose by 1.12%, topping the list of the most active after attracting more than 1.29 billion dirhams of liquidity, then “Multiplay” with a liquidity of more than 808 million dirhams, followed by “Alpha Abu Dhabi”, attracting about 526.3 million dirhams.

And the Dubai General Market index rose by 1.01%, or 33.8 points, to close at 3,372.95 points, with the real estate sector index rising by 2.6%, banks by 0.6% and insurance by 6.64%.

The rise in the Dubai market was supported by the rise of “Emaar Properties” 3.1%, “Emirates NBD” 2.7%, “Emaar Development” 1.08%, “Salik” 3.18%, “Dubai Investments” 0.85%, “Shuaa Capital” 2.7% and “Tecom”. 0.43%.