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Local shares consolidate their gains and win 11.8 billion dirhams


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The local stock markets consolidated their gains at the close of trading today, and their market capitalization amounted to more than 11.8 billion dirhams, supported by the gains of the leading stocks in the financial, industrial and utilities sectors..

The market capital of listed shares rose from 3.305 trillion dirhams at the end of yesterday’s session to 3.316 trillion dirhams at the end of today’s session, distributed by 2.678 trillion dirhams for shares listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and 638.6 billion dirhams for shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market..

Local shares attracted liquidity of about 1.5 billion dirhams, distributed by 976.29 million dirhams in the Abu Dhabi market and 524.8 million dirhams in the Dubai market, and about 549 million shares were traded through the implementation of more than 24.8 thousand transactions..

The FTSE Abu Dhabi General Market Index, “Fadji”, increased by 0.18%, or the equivalent of 16.9 points, to close at 9368.76 points, and the Abu Dhabi Market Index, “Faddex 15”, increased by 0.23%, or the equivalent of 21.4 points, to close at 9197.18 points, while the Dubai Financial Market General Index rose. by 0.3%, gaining 11.06 points, to close at 3,689.69 points..

“Al-Alamiya Holding” topped the activity in the Abu Dhabi market, attracting liquidity of about 220.8 million dirhams and closing at 395 dirhams, followed by “Q Holding” with a liquidity of 188.2 million dirhams and closed up by 6.55%, then “Al-Fadhabi” attracting about 96.1 million dirhams and increased by 2.95%.%.

In the Dubai Financial Market, “Gulf Navigation” acquired the largest share of liquidity by about 112.5 million dirhams and closed with a gain of about 5.9%, followed by “Ajman Bank” with a liquidity of 107.5 million dirhams and rose by 3.1%, then “Education” that attracted more than 75.7 million dirhams.