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Experts: Dubai is preparing for a new hotel boom


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Hotel experts expected that Dubai would witness a new hotel boom with the approval of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, of the new plan for the “Palm Jebel Ali” project, in light of the interest of many international hotel groups to attend the event. This new destination and the promotion of its expansion plan in the emirate to take advantage of the expected tourism momentum in the coming period.

Many hotels have expressed their desire to be present in this tourist destination in particular, or to increase their market share of hotel rooms in Dubai in general, especially since this project will have a great impact on tourist flows to Dubai upon its completion, which will reflect positively on the performance of the rooms. hotels in the emirate.

Experts emphasized that the projects that are continuously announced in Dubai, such as the “Palm Jebel Ali” project, constitute a motive for hotel companies to increase their investments in Dubai to be part of the movement of tourism and hotel excellence that the emirate is experiencing, noting that what has been accomplished in Dubai in general from projects Gigantic and distinguished, making it a necessity for any company working in the hotel or tourism field that wants to enhance its success.

Tourism boom

Haitham Matar, President of IHG Hotels and Resorts Group in the India, Middle East and Africa region, said that the new project provides an opportunity for investors to be part of the success of the tourism sector in Dubai, indicating that the group is committed to strengthening its expansion operations in the emirate, which is one of the most important markets for it. .

He said that the IHG Hotels and Resorts Group, through its various brands, is looking forward to attending this project and contributing to the growth and development of the tourism sector in Dubai in general, especially as it will contribute to providing new options for visitors to Dubai from all over the world. He added that the adoption of the new plan for the project will enhance Dubai’s position on the global tourism map, and that the new project is a real indication of the future of the sector in Dubai.

Siegfried Nierhaus, Vice President of Deutsche Hospitality in the Middle East, said that the “Palm Jebel Ali” project constitutes a qualitative step towards promoting tourism and investment in the hotel sector in Dubai, indicating that the group is looking forward to participating in this development and expansion in this destination and in the emirate in general. General if there are opportunities commensurate with the plans of the group.

He affirmed the company’s commitment to supporting the growth of the hotel and hospitality industry in Dubai and the UAE in general, pointing out that the positive impact of the project is to enhance Dubai’s position as a unique global tourist destination.

investment opportunities

Muhammad Awad Allah, CEO of Time Hotels, said that the project provides more investment opportunities for international and local hotel companies, especially that Dubai needs beach hotel rooms in light of the high demand for this category from various markets, pointing out that Time Hotels You will try to take advantage of these opportunities and be present in this new tourism icon.

He stressed that the reflection of the new project will reach all parts of Dubai and will not be limited to the “Palm Jebel Ali” because the new project will contribute to increasing tourism flows, and will enhance competition between hotels to increase their market share in hotel rooms in the emirate.

positive indicator

Hosni Abdel-Hadi, CEO of the Carlton Hotels Group, explained that the launch of large projects in Dubai, such as the Palm Jebel Ali project, is a positive indication for hotel groups and tourism companies about the future of the sector in Dubai. It also stimulates companies to enhance their presence in the emirate, indicating that the group Carlton Hotels will be keen to attend this new destination if opportunities are available that are commensurate with its expansion plan.

He added that the distinguished projects that have been accomplished in Dubai in the past years play an important role in shaping the marketing plans for hotel and tourism companies, especially with the national carriers continuing their expansion operations, especially Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai, in addition to the return of many international airlines. To work from Dubai Airport.

He said that the “Palm Jebel Ali” project provides a great opportunity to invest in beach hotels, which are the best performance in Dubai throughout the year, noting that the new project will provide more than 110 kilometers of beaches.

He explained that the appetite for investment in the tourism sector in Dubai is still high with guaranteed returns and low risks, despite the doubling of hotel capacity in recent years.

new destination

For his part, Guy Hutchinson, President and CEO of the “Rotana” Hotel Management Group, said that the “Palm Jebel Ali” project contributes to enhancing tourism and hotel investments in the emirate and raising the level of services provided by the sector, stressing that “Rotana” is committed to supporting the growth of the hotel and hospitality industry. In Dubai, which enhances the leadership of the sector.

He added that the announcement of the new plan is of great importance to the group and to all workers in the hospitality industry, especially that the project, with details that have been revealed, which includes beaches of more than 110 kilometers, will constitute a new tourist destination in Dubai that meets the desires of visitors of all ages and nationalities.