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What we know about the drone attack carried out on Tuesday in Moscow


Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of trying to “terrify” the Russians after an unprecedented drone attack on Tuesday, May 30, against Moscow and its region, when kyiv suffered a new wave of deadly strikes.

Several drones fell at dawn on buildings in the Russian capital, located more than 500 kilometers from Ukraine, taking residents for whom the conflict seemed far away.

What are the facts ?

A drone raid took place on Tuesday at dawn in Moscow. No death is to be deplored, according to the Russian authorities, who attribute it to kyiv, which denies any involvement, as in all the operations carried out on Russian territory since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, eight aircraft were destroyed before reaching their target. “Three were removed using electronic equipment. They lost control and veered off their targets. Another five drones were shot down by the Pantsir-S surface-to-air missile system of the Moscow region », he announced. The Telegram Baza channel, which has good sources within the security services, speaks of around twenty-five drones.

The raid targeted some of the Russian capital’s most upscale neighborhoods, including Lenin Prospect, a major Moscow artery laid out under Stalin in western Moscow, home to Russia’s elite, starting with the president himself. Sergueï Sobianine, mayor of the city, reported two injuries, one of whom was hospitalized. Residents of several apartments were briefly evacuated.

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According to Alexei Rogozin, head of the Russian Center for the Development of Transport Technologies, quoted by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, “drones of a hitherto unknown type, made according to the canard scheme [avec la dérive à l’avant et les ailes à l’arrière], have been used. It can be assumed that the production of such drones was launched in Ukraine – their range can reach thousands of kilometers »he added.

Are there any precedents?

To cite only the most recent, two drones had targeted the Kremlin on May 3, without causing any casualties or significant damage. Ukraine denied any responsibility, hinting that it could be Russian manipulation, but the thesis did not convince across the Atlantic. A Ukrainian blogger known by the pseudonym of Lachen says he financed the manufacture of the drones used with funds from a public collection.

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