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War in Ukraine, live: snow expected in kyiv; electricity supply still disrupted


Snow expected in kyiv, electricity supply still disrupted

Heavy snowfall is expected in Kyiv on Sunday and temperatures are expected to remain freezing day and night (around -2°C), while millions of residents have limited access to electricity and heating.

The national electricity network operator, Ukrenergo, announced on Saturday that electricity production would only be able to cover three-quarters of consumption needs. As a result, restrictions and supply cuts will be necessary.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said on Saturday that restrictions had been put in place in 14 of Ukraine’s 27 regions, and that “more than 100,000” users had to limit their electricity consumption in each of them. “If consumption increases in the evening, the number of cuts could also increase”he said.

Sergei Kovalenko, the operations director of Yasno, the company that supplies electricity to Kyiv, said the situation had improved in the capital, while remaining “quite complicated”. He explained that residents would benefit from access to electricity for four hours each day.

For its part, Ukrenergo asked in a press release to the population to limit their electricity consumption.