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War in Ukraine, live: kyiv announces that it has foiled more than thirty attacks overnight

  • The kyiv military administration announced on Friday morning that it had thwarted more than thirty Russian attacks on the city overnight, “a combined attack, with drones and cruise missiles at the same time”. The Ukrainian capital has been targeted almost daily for more than a week; Thursday morning, an airstrike had killed at least three people including a child.
  • Several Ukrainian drones were shot down by Russian air defense near Kursk, a Russian city near the border with Ukraine, the governor announced early Friday morning. The Kursk border region has been regularly bombarded by Ukrainian forces since the start of the war.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday urged European leaders to step up their support for Ukraine, during an unprecedented summit in Moldova, a small country which also lives in fear of Russian aggression. He took advantage of the platform offered by the second meeting of the European Political Community to plead forcefully in favor of his country’s accession to NATO and the European Union.
  • Moscow said on Thursday that Ukrainian forces had attempted to” to invade “ the Russian region of Belgorod and carried out heavy strikes that injured eleven, particularly in the border town of Chebekino.
  • Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that he did not see, at this stage, any “useful conversation” with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. In the immediate future, Ukraine must obtain security guarantees “stronger, tangible and very clear” at the NATO summit in July, insisted the French president.
  • Poland and the Netherlands announced plans to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. Warsaw, which has ” some “ Patriot air defense systems invited other countries that have them to share them with Ukraine.
  • The United Nations has declared itself ” worry “ of “slowdown” the implementation of the agreement allowing the export of Ukrainian cereals via the Black Sea. The spokesperson for the Secretary-General mentioned on Thursday “the specter of food price inflation”.
  • A tribute was paid on Thursday to Agence France-presse (AFP) to journalist Arman Soldin, killed by a rocket on May 9 in Ukraine at the age of 32. Dignitaries present included Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak, Ukrainian Ambassador Vadim Omelchenko and media executives.

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