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War in Ukraine, live: Communication battle between Russia and Ukraine over progress on the ground


What you need to know at the dawn of this Monday, June 5 Russia has asserted… The Russian army has declared… The Russian army is asserting… It is a little disturbing to see all the informational credit and interest in disinformation experts.


Your questions regarding the credibility to be accorded to the information communicated by the parties involved in times of war are legitimate.

Re the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defense that you are talking about and that we mentioned this morning, here is what publishes on Telegram the Strategic Communications Center (StratCom) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces:

” Attention ! Warning from the Ukrainian Armed Forces StratCom. The Russian occupation forces are stepping up their computer-psychological operations (…) by spreading on Russian Telegram channels and social networks false information about the combat operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of their own formations. In order to demoralize Ukrainians and mislead the community (including their own population), Russian propagandists will spread misleading information about the counter-offensive, its directions and the losses of the Ukrainian army. Even if there is no counter-offensive. For these purposes, old videos and photos showing damaged equipment, dead and prisoners have been prepared. And other falsified documents. »

And to conclude: “We remind you that only reports of the General Staff, strategic communication structures and official spokespersons of the Defense Forces and Armed Forces of Ukraine provide reliable information. »

The Russian Defense Ministry also announced the death of “250 soldiers” among the Ukrainian ranks. Still according to him, the Ukrainian army led this offensive with six mechanized battalions and two tank battalions.

For his part, a Russian official in the occupied region of Zaporizhia (southern Ukraine), Vladimir Rogov, also said that Ukrainian forces had attacked Russian positions there on Monday morning. “This morning, Ukrainian forces launched an attack, and on a larger scale than yesterday (…). The situation is alarming”he said, quoted by the official TASS agency.

The Ukrainian armed forces have decided, for the moment, to remain silent about the situation, as shown in the video published by Hanna Maliar and which you will find the link in the post of 7:42 a.m. .