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War in Ukraine live: after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, up to 80 localities are threatened by flooding according to Ukraine


Cover image: Damage to the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam near Kherson. Photo released by the national nuclear energy production company “Energoatom”, June 6, 2023. HANDOUT / AFP

  • Following the partial destruction of the Kakhovka dam, Kyiv” calls for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council”, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kouleba said in a statement, calling on the EU and the G7 “to impose devastating new sanctions on Russia”.
  • For the Kremlin, “all responsibility rests with the kyiv regime”. “This is unequivocally a deliberate act of sabotage by the Ukrainian side which was planned and carried out by order of Kyiv”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, saying he rejected “firmly” the accusations of the Ukrainian authorities who impute the responsibility to Moscow.
  • “150 tons of engine oil” flowed into the Dnieper River following the destruction of the dam, according to Ukrainian officials, who warn of an environmental risk. On TelegramAndriy Yermak denounced him “an ecocide” from Russia.
  • The destruction of the Kakhovka dam is for london “a heinous act” “a war crime”. This attack, “it’s something that has a new dimension, but which also corresponds to the way Putin is waging this war”, denounced the German Chancellor. NATO Secretary he said to himself“scandalized” by this act “which endangers thousands of civilians and causes serious damage to the environment”. Charles Michel To affirmed on his side that “The destruction of civilian infrastructure is clearly a war crime and we will hold Russia and its affiliates to account.”
  • Ukraine called Russia a“terrorist state” before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), accusing it of having destroyed the Kakhovka dam, in what it denounced as a campaign of violence launched several years ago.
  • Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command said on Tuesday morning that Russian forces had blown up the Nova Kakhovka dam near Kherson in southern Ukraine. Video captured by a drone shows a torrent of water with the potential to cause destruction around the city of Kherson and along the Dnieper River.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said it repelled two large-scale Ukrainian offensives on Sunday and Monday in southern Donbassand have killed “more than 1,500 Ukrainian servicemen” and destroyed “28 tanks”. A qualified assessment, Tuesday, of“lucubrations” by the leader of the Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgueni Prigozhin.

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