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In Scotland, Humza Yousaf elected by the separatists to become the new Prime Minister


Scottish local government will soon have a new leader. Humza Yousaf was elected Monday, March 27, by members of the Scottish independence party SNP to succeed Nicola Sturgeon and thus resume the fight for self-determination, according to official results.

Aged 37, this close ally of Nicola Sturgeon, of whom he was health minister, becomes leader of the independence party and is to be elected prime minister on Tuesday by the local parliament. He also becomes the first Muslim to lead a major political party in the UK. He is also Scotland’s first ethnic minority leader.

“The people of Scotland need independence now more than ever, and we will be the generation that will achieve independence for Scotland”said Humza Yousaf in a speech delivered just after the announcement of his victory and while the fight for independence seems to be at an impasse.

Mr Yousaf argues that independence can only be achieved by upholding progressive values ​​and wants the SNP to talk more about its vision of independence rather than the technicalities, in order to win over wavering voters.

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