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Ukraine: “Any postponement of the opening of negotiations for the country’s accession to the European Union would be politically, humanly and morally unacceptable”


In February 24, 2022, Russia relaunched its undeclared war against Ukraine on a large scale. This new, strictly colonial Russian offensive was carried out under the sign of systematic violations of the law of war, in particular humanitarian law: massive and indiscriminate bombardments, rapes, kidnappings of children, deportations and summary executions of civilians, torture, executions of prisoners of war, massive and targeted destruction of civilian infrastructure…

In June 2022, overcoming enormous resistance and reluctance cultivated for a long time by the soft-power in the West, the Twenty-Seven finally granted Ukraine the status of a candidate country for the European Union.

Today, everything suggests that the forces hostile to Ukraine’s rapid accession are once again at work. How else to interpret the statements of the President of the European Commission [Ursula von der Leyen] who, addressing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, recently asserted that“between today and this bright future, there may still be an arduous path” ?

A convenient status of non-belligerence

However, this undeclared war of Russia against Ukraine is also a mortal offensive by Russia against all the countries which recognize themselves in the United Nations Charter. Only the status of a nuclear power and the nature of the Russian regime have held back the free world, under American leadership, from engaging directly in this conflict, in order to minimize the risks of escalation by Moscow.

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Thus, while it is undeniable that after the courageous reforms already implemented by Ukraine despite the invasion it is undergoing, others will have to follow in order to eradicate corruption, the fact remains that many member countries of the Union European Union, sheltering behind a very convenient status of non-belligerence, have to date taken no serious initiative to prosecute their citizens who have been corrupted politically, intellectually or financially by the Russian regime; among them, former heads of state and government, a plethora of personalities from the political, military, academic, economic and media establishment. In a situation of declared war, many of them could be liable to prosecution for collaboration with the enemy or treason.

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Finally, in order to dissipate any ambiguity, let us specify that it is not a question of creating preferential conditions of accession for Ukraine but, quite simply, of deciding on the opening of negotiations. In this context, any bureaucratic quibble such as invoking the need to wait for the Commission’s report, announced for next autumn, is politically inadmissible. The conclusions of this report can easily be taken into account in the negotiations of each of the 35 chapters of the accession process.

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