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Vatican: Pope Francis’ operation went well


The urgent operation that Pope Francis had to undergo went without complications, according to the Vatican. The 86-year-old will have to stay in the hospital for several more days.

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis’ abdominal operation went smoothly. The operation lasted three hours and was completed “without complications,” the Holy See said. It was not announced whether he had already woken up from the anesthetic. According to earlier information, the reason for the operation was an impending intestinal obstruction in the 86-year-old.

That morning the Pope held the weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square. The day before he had already been to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome to be examined. He was operated on there and will probably have to stay for a few more days. The Vatican had previously stated that a stay of “a few days” was planned.

Pope Francis had been treated in the clinic for a respiratory disease.

Further health problems

The Pope has been struggling with health problems for a long time. Before Easter he was ill with pneumonia. In 2021, Francis had part of his colon removed in an operation. At the time, the Vatican spoke of a routine procedure. The Pope himself later said that he owed his life to a nurse who quickly recognized his problems and acted accordingly.

Francis also suffers from knee problems. As a result, he has been dependent on a wheelchair and a walker for more than a year. As a young man, part of his lungs were removed. Health concerns notwithstanding, the Vatican released the Pope’s travel plans for August on Tuesday. Then Francis is to travel to World Youth Day in Portugal and later visit Mongolia.

With information from Jörg Seisselberg, ARD Studio Rome