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Vaccination requirements for air travel to the USA are lifted


From May 12th, air travelers will no longer have to provide proof of a corona vaccination when entering the USA. Then the Corona health emergency, which was declared in January 2020, will also end.

From May 11th, air travelers to the USA no longer have to provide proof of corona vaccination. The White House announced that the last federal corona vaccination requirements will become obsolete in the coming week as the national state of health expires.

For federal employees and contractors, previous immunization requirements will also expire on May 11. In addition, the lifting of vaccination requirements for educators, health care workers and foreign citizens at US land borders is being initiated.

Corona coordinator: “It makes sense to withdraw these regulations”

The end of the regulations marks the latest step in the Joe Biden administration’s efforts to treat Covid-19 as an endemic disease and to move away from the exceptional situation of the past few years, in which the virus was deadly worldwide, but also particularly in the USA unfolded.

White House Corona Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha told the AP news agency on Monday: “While I believe these vaccination regulations have had tremendous benefit, we are now at a point where we think it makes a lot of sense to roll back these regulations.”