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Ukrainian perspective in focus at European summit in Moldova


The European Political Community in Moldova said more than it decided. Ukraine’s President Selenskyj asked for security guarantees for a time after the war – and was listened to.

The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine also determined this second summit of the European Political Community (EPG). The hostess and President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, concluded that he had shown that there was unity against the greatest military aggression since the Second World War and against violations of international law.

For Sandu, the meeting was a sign that Moldova is not alone – and neither is Ukraine. Sandu and other heads of state and government assured them that they would be supported for as long as necessary.

The country’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was once again the focus of this summit. He used the attention for his concerns. He asked for military help in the form of “Patriot” anti-missiles and fighter jets.

One needs peace, said Selenskyj. “Therefore, every European country that borders Russia and doesn’t want Russia to tear it up should be a full member of the EU and NATO.”

Only: Ukraine’s NATO accession will not happen any time soon. States like the USA and Germany do not want to offer the country any concrete prospects at the moment – also out of concern that the war will develop into one between NATO and Russia.

In addition to the Russian war of aggression, the security situation in the Balkans should also be discussed.

security guarantees for the future

As long as the door to the alliance remains closed, Zelenskyy would like security guarantees. And here he is heard by Chancellor Olaf Scholz. After the war, these “must be designed in such a way that they give Ukraine the security it needs.” They should protect against the danger of being attacked – and at the same time stabilize Ukraine.

This “of course” also means a “commitment (obligation) with regard to the creation of defense capability on the part of Ukraine,” Scholz continued. “And of course the safety guarantee always includes being taken seriously.” This would not only affect those who are guaranteed safety, but also everyone else.

There will be no concrete resolutions at the European summit – but a clear front against the Kremlin.

However, Scholz did not become more specific. He obviously liked this still young format of the European Political Community, in which the focus was on the numerous discussions – and not decisions. A proven format for the Federal Chancellor.

“I said today at the consultations: everything that has happened twice is already a tradition,” said Scholz. At the next meeting it will be “a long and firmly established one”.

The next, then third, meeting of the EPG is already scheduled for October – then the heads of state and government will see each other in Granada, Spain.