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Thering is to become state head of the Hamburg CDU


Status: 03/19/2023 1:52 p.m

The Hamburg CDU is repositioning itself for the upcoming general election. The CDU parliamentary group leader Dennis Thering should also take over the state presidency.

Almost two years before the general election, CDU parliamentary group leader Dennis Thering is supposed to put the party back on the road to success. With the new double function, the CDU makes it clear: Thering is their number one. This had already been announced as wanting to draw a top candidate into the citizenship election campaign.

CDU wants to play a decisive role again

Thering said: “With this step, I’m taking responsibility for the entire CDU Hamburg and my hometown.” After the historic defeat in the last general election, the CDU says it wants to play a decisive role again in 2025. The Christian Democrats want to score with the issues of internal security, transport, economic and educational policy.

Still head of state Ploß is concentrating on work in Berlin

The previous state chairman Christoph Ploß wants to concentrate on his work as a member of parliament in Berlin and also wants to lead the state list of the Hamburg CDU again in the next federal election. The state board of the CDU unanimously nominated Dennis Thering as state chairman at its closed meeting today. His election is to take place at the next meeting of the state committee on April 3rd.

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The CDU parliamentary group leader announced his candidacy as a challenger to Mayor Peter Tschentscher. more

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