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The US is said to have had Ukrainian plans to attack Nord Stream


According to a Washington Post report, the United States had information about Ukrainian plans for an attack three months before the explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines. These apparently coincide in part with previous investigations.

According to a media report, the US had detailed Ukrainian plans for an attack on the gas pipelines three months before the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines. The “Washington Post” reports that details of an attack on the Nord Stream pipelines have been compiled by a European secret service.

In June last year, the US secret service received information that a six-man team of Ukrainian special forces intended to blow up the pipeline during a diving operation.

Pentagon spokesman declined to comment

The Washington Post cites leaked information on the Discord chat platform that allegedly comes from Jack Teixeira. This is the man who was arrested in the US in April and charged with leaking sensitive US documents. According to the Washington Post, the original report came from a person in Ukraine.

When asked about the newspaper’s report, National Security Council communications director at the White House John Kirby said he will not comment on ongoing investigations. Statements from Ukraine and Russia have not yet been received.

According to information from NDR, WDR and SZ, investigators are following a new lead. Apparently it leads to a Ukrainian.

Detailed plan

As the Washington Post writes, the United States is said to have shared the information from June 2022 with Germany and other Europeans. The plan is said to have been very detailed. According to this, six participants should drive to the pipelines in a boat rented under a false identity and then dive to the lines to attach explosive devices. However, the project was put on hold for unknown reasons.

However, elements of it matched the previous investigation results, writes the “Washington Post”.

had in March ARD Capital Studio, SWR, Contrasts and “Die Zeit” reported for the first time on the sailing yacht “Andromeda” and a suspected connection to Ukraine: five men and one woman set sail from Rostock in early September 2022. A company from Poland rented the boat. This company, in turn, belonged to Ukrainians, it was said at the time.

Another research by NDR, WDR, “Süddeutscher Zeitung” and international media partners have recently followed several new leads that apparently lead in the direction of Ukraine – although it has not been ruled out that investigators are pursuing tracks that others have laid intentionally, i.e. it could be a so-called false flag operation.

BND boss Bruno Kahl had dampened hopes of a quick clarification in May and said there were indications “in all possible directions”. Research by various media also traced Russia as a possible originator.

After the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines, it is still unclear who is responsible.

Selenskyj is said not to have been informed

According to the Washington Post, those involved reported directly to the Ukrainian army chief Valeriy Saluschnyj. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj was deliberately not informed about the plans in order to be able to credibly deny Ukrainian responsibility.

Russia had pumped natural gas from Siberia to Germany and other European countries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline until the delivery stop. Nord Stream 2 was not commissioned because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. The two twin tubes in the Baltic Sea were destroyed by explosions in September 2022.

With information from Nina Barth, ARD Studio Washington