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The situation in the forest fire area south of Berlin is getting worse again


Even after a week, the forest fire south of Berlin has not been extinguished, on the contrary: the rising wind fanned the flames again. Additional firefighters were alerted.

A week after the forest fire broke out on a former military training area near Jüterbog (Teltow-Fläming), the fire was fanned by the wind on Wednesday. “The wind caused us a lot of problems today,” said the fire department’s operations manager, Rico Walentin, to rbb on Wednesday afternoon. Now burn and smoke it stronger again.

Numerous additional firefighters were alerted. He couldn’t give an exact number. “It will probably be around 100, but that won’t be enough,” says Walentin. In the course of the afternoon, the fire brigade wants to use a drone to measure the area in which it is currently burning more intensely. In the morning the situation was still completely calm.

Burdening legacy issues

Every year the forest on the former military training area in Jüterbog catches fire. And every time the extinguishing work is difficult because there is a lot of old ammunition in the ground. Why can’t the contaminated sites simply be cleared completely?more

Engel: Firefighting from the air is checked again

The Brandenburg forest fire protection officer Raimund Engel spoke of massive clouds of smoke. “The situation has worsened due to the freshening wind,” Engel told rbb in the afternoon. A firefighting operation from the air will be tested again.

Engel said he expects the fire to continue to spread but is still in the core area. Most recently, an area of ​​326 hectares was affected by the vegetation fire. According to Engel, localities and people are currently not in danger.

The extinguishing work is difficult, as it has been for days, because the area is loaded with ammunition. According to the district administration in Luckenwalde, firefighters fought the forest fire from paths. Employees at a company also removed trees to create a firebreak. The forest area itself cannot be entered.

Detonations on Sunday and Monday

The Forest fire At Jüterbog, after the outbreak on Wednesday last week, according to the authorities, the development varied over the past few days. In the meantime, smaller fire-fighting aircraft and a fire-fighting helicopter were also used.

The fire started again on Tuesday slightly stretched. According to Walentin, additional firefighters were temporarily requested. On Sunday evening and Monday morning there were several ammunition detonations on the burned area.

In large parts of Brandenburg, there is currently a high to very high risk of forest fires with rising temperatures and drought.

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, 07.06.23, 11 a.m