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Steinmeier: Mexico’s President has offered LNG cooperation


During his visit, the Mexican President offered Federal President Steinmeier closer cooperation on deliveries of liquid gas to the Federal Republic. Steinmeier then made a clear appeal to the Mexican Senate.

Mexico and Germany want to explore closer cooperation on the delivery of liquid gas to the Federal Republic. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had offered him more intensive cooperation, said Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier after talks in Mexico City.

Mexico undoubtedly has resources and experience in gas exports, especially to the USA. Experts should now explore what could realistically be brought to Europe and whether facilities in the USA could possibly be used.

Steinmeier: Democracies have to stick together in times of war

Steinmeier then appealed to the Mexican Senate for closer cooperation between the democratic states in view of the Ukraine war. “So that we, Germans and Mexicans, so that the democratic world emerges stronger from these conflicts, it is important to hold a common line now,” Steinmeier told the chamber of the Mexican Congress responsible for foreign policy.

“We must be united in our response to an aggressor who is trying to replace the might of law with the law of might,” he demanded. “If we stand together in the procession of the Democrats, I’m sure we can resist the mechanisms of escalation.”

Mexico has so far shown an ambivalent attitude to the Ukraine war. The North American country condemned the Russian attack in the UN Security Council. However, it does not take part in sanctions against Russia and also refuses to supply arms to Ukraine. Most recently, Mexico announced that it wanted to push ahead with a peace dialogue and a ceasefire – which Ukraine is currently rejecting.