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No more corona isolation recommendation in Denmark


In Denmark, it will no longer be recommended to isolate yourself because of a corona infection. Because the number of patients in hospitals is stable, Covid-19 has been put on a par with diseases such as flu.

In Denmark, it is no longer advised to isolate yourself from your fellow human beings after a corona infection. In new guidelines for dealing with the virus in healthcare, the Danish health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen put Covid-19 on a par with other diseases such as flu. This means that it is no longer expressly recommended to self-isolate for at least four days after a positive corona test.

Since the number of sick people who came to the hospital remained stable in autumn and only a small increase is expected in the coming period, steps can be taken towards more normality, the authority said. However, she emphasized that if you feel sick, you should stay at home – regardless of what you have contracted. You should only be tested for Covid-19 if you show symptoms and belong to a risk group.

Coming through the pandemic comparatively well

With rapid vaccination campaigns and massive testing, Denmark had come through the peak phases of the pandemic relatively well. There have been no corona restrictions in public life in the northern German neighboring country since February 1st.