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Nationwide evaluation: hourly wages in care have increased slightly


Hourly wages in care facilities rose by around 2.7 percent to EUR 20.37 this year. This shows an evaluation of the AOK. However, there are clear differences in the federal states.

The average hourly wages in care facilities subject to collective agreements have risen slightly this year – by around 2.7 percent to 20.37 euros. This is the result of a nationwide evaluation of the AOK, which was available to the editorial network Germany. At the same time, the average hourly wages are considered a lower wage limit for the entire industry.

Wages between 17 euros and 23 euros

Specifically, the average hourly wage for unskilled workers is 17.03 euros. That is 2.53 percent more than in 2021. Nursing assistants with at least one year of training receive an average of 19.05 euros per hour (plus 1.98 percent). For specialists with at least three years of training, the hourly wage is now 23.38 euros (plus 2.86 percent).

Pay varies in different states

There are therefore significant differences between the federal states. While the average wage in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is 18.79 euros per hour, it is 21.05 euros in North Rhine-Westphalia.

All care facilities that are bound by a collective agreement or a church labor law regulation had to report the data on the remuneration of their employees to the state associations of the care insurance funds by the end of September. The “regionally customary wage level” determined from this is considered the lower wage limit, which care facilities without a collective agreement may not fall below. Otherwise, the facilities can no longer settle accounts with the statutory long-term care insurance funds.