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Masked man kills three people in Japan


An attacker has killed at least three people in Japan. This is reported by the public broadcaster NHK. Where the perpetrator is is currently just as unclear as his motive.

A man stabbed or shot dead three people in the central Japanese city of Nakano. According to local media, the victims are a woman and two police officers. Another is said to have been injured. After that, it was initially said that the alleged assassin, who is said to be carrying a gun and a knife, had holed himself up in a building.

The police surrounded it, but then they said he was on the run. The perpetrator, whose motive is completely unclear, is said to be a man in camouflage clothing with a hat, sunglasses and mask. Authorities asked residents not to leave the house unless it was an emergency.

According to the media, it is said to be a smoke bomb – nobody was injured.

Acts of violence like this are rare in Japan. The country is considered very safe, partly because it has strict gun laws.

Most recently, in April, an attempted attack on Prime Minister Fumio Kishida caused renewed unrest after former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had been shot almost a year ago. In both cases, the alleged perpetrators had built their own weapons.