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“Hitler Youth Salomon”: Sally Perel died at the age of 97


Status: 02/02/2023 6:40 p.m

The Holocaust survivor Sally Perel is dead. According to information from the NDR in Lower Saxony, he died on Thursday morning at the age of 97 with his family in Israel.

Perel was born in Peine and survived the Holocaust under a false identity: As a Hitler Youth, he worked at the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig, among other places. It was only decades later that the Shoah survivor began to speak about his experiences, especially in front of schoolchildren. His autobiography “I was Hitler Youth Salomon” was titled in 1990 by Polish director Agnieszka Holland “Hitler Youth Salomon” filmed.

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230 Peiner students celebrated the new name on Friday. The 97-year-old Perel was born as “Hitler Youth Salomon” famous. (04/27/2022) more

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