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Green Vault: Prosecutor calls confessions “patchy” | MDR.DE


Prosecutor: “It has nothing to do with enlightenment”

So far, the prosecutor criticizes that their statements have not fulfilled as much as announced in the deal. In the confessions, the involvement in the crime is spread over several shoulders in order to mitigate the penalties. “It has nothing to do with education,” said Kohle. Even if the statements should be correct, the search is still on for two unknown perpetrators and for stolen art treasures worth more than 63 million euros. “Why don’t you tell me exactly how it was?” Four of the six accused men aged between 23 and 29 admitted at the hearing that they had been involved in the burglary and theft.

Defense sees deal terms as met

However, according to the defense, the confessions of four of the defendants meet the terms of the agreement. Only questions about the credibility of the confession should be asked, but not about the whereabouts of the loot or other perpetrators. In addition, no third parties would have to be charged. Clarification of the facts must take place outside the courtroom, said one of Rabieh R’s defense lawyers. Follow-up investigations are “only possible under narrow conditions” and should “not be done in the future”.

In the deal, the chamber had promised milder penalties if the accused made extensive and credible statements and returned the stolen jewelry. But the defense attorneys initially only wanted to accept written catalogs of questions. But the Chamber did not agree to that. Oral questions must now be answered on the same day.