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Federal prosecutor indicts suspected right-wing extremists


The federal prosecutor’s office has indicted four suspected members of the Eisenach neo-Nazi martial arts group “Knockout 51”. She accuses them, among other things, of membership in a terrorist organization and multiple dangerous bodily harm.

Four alleged members of the Eisenach martial arts group “Knockout 51” have been charged by the federal prosecutor. The list of allegations against them is long: membership in a criminal and terrorist organization, multiple dangerous bodily harm, attacks on law enforcement officials, breach of the peace, attempted liberation of prisoners and violations of gun laws.

The supreme prosecutor lists a total of 14 incidents. The accused mingled, among other things, with “lateral thinking” demonstrations against the Corona policy, wanted to ensure order in a “Nazi Kiez”, broke several people’s bones and threw heavy stones at the youth and constituency office of the Left Party in Eisenach. “Knockout 51” has also networked nationwide with other violent right-wing extremist martial arts groups.

The federal prosecutor’s office is taking action against several suspected right-wing extremist groups.

The aim was to kill people from the left-wing extremist scene

Three of the accused are said to have founded the group in March 2019 at the latest, the Karlsruhe authority said. First they tried to establish themselves in Eisenach as a regulatory power. Since April 2021 at the latest, their goal has been to kill people from the left-wing extremist scene.

Under the guise of joint physical training, “Knockout 51” attracted young, nationalist-minded men, deliberately indoctrinated them with right-wing extremist ideas and trained them for physical confrontations with police officers, members of the left-wing scene and other people considered worth fighting. The group, in which ten members were said to be regularly active, held their training sessions in the office of the Thuringian NPD.

State Protection Senate decides whether to allow charges

The four suspects were arrested in April 2022 in a large-scale crackdown on the militant neo-Nazi scene. At that time, more than 800 police officers were on duty in more than 60 searches in eleven federal states. The four men have been in custody ever since. The State Protection Senate of the Thuringian Higher Regional Court must now decide whether to allow the charges against them.