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Federal police: the number of knife attacks on trains has almost doubled


According to a media report, the number of violent acts involving knives on trains has almost doubled in the past year. In view of the recent attack near Brokstedt, Minister Faeser is calling for a careful examination of whether violent offenders can be expelled.

According to a media report, the number of acts of violence with knives on trains and at train stations more than doubled in the past year compared to 2021. The federal police have registered 336 such acts, reported the “Bild am Sonntag”, citing a police evaluation. On trains alone, the number of knife attacks rose from 44 to 82.

A total of 398,848 crimes were recorded, twelve percent more than in the previous year. Among them were 14,155 physical injuries, it said. On the trains themselves, 82 knife attacks were counted, 97 attacks with other dangerous tools and five attacks with guns. The number of sexual offenses has increased from 697 to 857.

The proportion of “non-German” suspects in cases of serious bodily harm, robbery, murder and manslaughter was 55.5 percent, the newspaper continues.

Faeser: “The judiciary must face this question”

On Wednesday, an attacker stabbed two people and injured five others on a regional train on the route from Kiel to Hamburg. The suspect, a stateless Palestinian, was already known to the police and was only released from custody last week.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told the “Bild am Sonntag”: “I understand anyone who wonders why this violent criminal was released so quickly and whether everything was done to check whether he was a danger to others.” The SPD politician again demanded that it be checked whether the man could have been expelled. The judiciary must address this question.

Union politicians are calling for more deportations

Union politicians criticized the course of the federal government in this context. Domestic policy spokesman Alexander Throm told the newspaper: “For over a year, the traffic light has been promising its repatriation offensive for criminals and those who are at risk. None of this has happened.” The CSU politician Ulrich Lange explained: “The EU pays hundreds of millions in support to the Palestinian territories, then one must also be able to demand that people be deported there.”