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ESC 2022: The final today in the live stream


Status: 05/14/2022 9:00 p.m

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in 2022 under the motto “The Sound of Beauty” at the Pala Olimpico in Turin. Malik Harris sings for Germany with the title “rock stars” starting position 13. Laura Pausini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mika will moderate.

The final with a total of 25 countries will be streamed live here from 9 p.m. Afterwards we continue with Barbara Schöneberger and her guests with the “ESC – after show” live from Hamburg.

The so-called Big Five (Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain (UK) and Italy) are automatically set for the final. In addition, the host country always receives a place in the final. However, since this year’s Big Five country is Italy, the final consists of 25 instead of the usual 26 countries.

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Decide who wins the Eurovision Song Contest – by phone, SMS or app. Here are all the numbers for voting. more

Malik Harris (Germany) with "rock stars" on the stage in Turin.  © Photo: Andres Putting

If you are abroad, you can vote for Germany’s candidate Malik Harris in the final – by phone, SMS or app. Here are all the numbers. more

Before the final were the two semis, in each of which ten countries qualified for the final show. The first semi-final took place on May 10th, the second semi-final took place on May 12th.

Måneskin appear as an interval act in the ESC final

Måneskin (Italy) on stage.  © EBU Photo: Andres Putting

In the grand finale, Måneskin perform a medley. Her winning title can also be heard “Zitti e buoni”.

In the grand finale, last year’s winners from Rotterdam will return to the ESC stage as Interval Act: Maneskin play a medley, “Zitti e buoni” included. In addition, Gigliola Cinquetti sings her ESC winning song “Non ho l’età”. In 1964 she became the first Italian participant to win the Eurovision Song Contest. The moderators Laura Pausini and Mika round off the break program with medleys.

Tickets for the ESC shows

The tickets are sold out and were only available via the official ticket portal available. As every year, the EBU warned all fans not to buy tickets for the ESC shows on the black market or via anything other than the official online ticket platform. These cards are usually not only overpriced, but they could also be counterfeit and therefore not valid.

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The singer Vladana on the ESC stage in Turin.  © EBU Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett

On the final evening of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 there will be an extensive program online and on television. Overview of all shipments. more

The Piazza Castello in Turin, northern Italy.  © EBU Photo: Cristiano Caligaris

A good 15,000 spectators fit in the hall in Turin. The ESC final is on May 14, 2022. The city prevailed over 16 competitors. more

Fiat 500 and 600 cars on a test track on the roof of the Fiat plant in Turin-Lingotto on May 12, 1962. © dpa Photo: LaPresse Publifoto

Turin was once Italy’s industrial center, but the city has evolved. Turin’s export hits include: martini, cars and good football. more

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