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Another candidate for director election at rbb


Jan Weyrauch, previously program director at Radio Bremen, has now been shortlisted for the post of director at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. He expands the circle of three candidates so far.

A good week before the director election at rbb, the circle of candidates is expanded.

As the rbb broadcasting council announced on Wednesday evening, another applicant will be invited to the round of introductions before the supervisory board on Thursday. It is Jan Weyrauch (55), currently program director at Radio Bremen.

Three candidates for the new rbb directorship have been identified

Three candidates have been shortlisted for the post of director at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb). According to the broadcaster, they were selected from 50 applications received.more

Previous criticism from the search committee

Jan Weyrauch was already part of the group of candidates, but then dropped out due to differing opinions about the terms of the contract. He informed the Broadcasting Council on Wednesday that he was now available for the candidacy despite the unchanged general conditions.

The chairman of the rbb broadcasting council, Oliver Bürgel, said in justification of the decision: “We don’t want to burden the election with an ongoing discussion about the selection of candidates. The contractual modalities must be decided by the board of directors.”

This turnaround was preceded by allegations from the selection committee for the pre-selection. The staff representatives had criticized on Tuesday that the selection committee would not present all suitable candidates to the Broadcasting Council.

The RBB building in Berlin on April 30, 2023. (Source: imago images/E.Contini)

Employee representatives criticize the search for rbb directorship

In response to the announcement of the candidates for the rbb director election, the station’s staff representation criticized the procedure. The objection by the employee representatives is directed against the exclusion of a candidate.more

Weyrauch worked for rbb wave Fritz

Jan Weyrauch was born in Berlin. He studied theater studies at the Free University of Berlin and attended the German School of Journalism in Munich. He worked for the radio program Fritz of the former ORB (today rbb), the Hessischer Rundfunk and has been program director of Radio Bremen since 2011.

In addition to Weyrauch on June 16th, Dr. Heide Baumann (50), former member of the management of Vodafone Germany, Ulrike Demmer (50), former deputy spokeswoman for the federal government, and Juliane Leopold (40), editor-in-chief of digital affairs at ARD-aktuell.

Editor’s note: Juliane Leopold is currently Editor-in-Chief Digital of ARD-aktuell and Editor-in-Chief of