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Anastasia movement classified as a suspected right-wing extremist


The Anastasia movement appeals to an esoteric-ecological milieu – but also represents racist and anti-Semitic ideologies. Now she is listed by the Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a suspected right-wing extremist.

The Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution has classified the so-called Anastasia movement as a suspected right-wing extremist. This was explained by the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Jörg Müller, on Wednesday in the state parliament’s interior committee at the request of a left-wing MP.

“Parts of the Anastasia book series have elements relevant to the protection of the constitution that are incompatible with the free democratic basic order,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior. The book series contains a partly folkish, racist and anti-Semitic ideology.

The classification as a suspicious case enables the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to use intelligence resources. This includes, among other things, the observation and obtaining information about informants from the respective scene.

Right-wing settlers behind a hippie facade

The followers of the Anastasia movement set up settlements and spread racist and anti-Semitic ideology – also in Brandenburg, as research by the ARD political magazine Kontraste shows. By Silvio Duwe and Lisa Wandtmore

Esoteric, anti-Semitic ideology

Various settlement projects are assigned to the Anastasia network. How Research by the ARD magazine “Contrasts” showed that there are several such projects in Brandenburg. A larger one is in Grabow near Blumenthal (Ostprignitz-Ruppin). The Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution currently assigns five “family estates” to the Anastasia movement. “The number of people is in the lower to middle double-digit range,” explained the ministry spokesman.

The movement refers to the novel character Anastasia by contemporary Russian author Vladimir Megre, as “Contrasts” goes on to explain. Its followers have committed themselves to an esoterically based return to nature, combined, among other things, with a reactionary understanding of society. The followers set up “family estates” and devote themselves to the principle of self-sufficiency.

According to the “Contrasts” information, a central element in Megre’s books is the anti-Semitic narrative of a Jewish world conspiracy. In the Anastasia books, for example, the Holocaust is justified by the fact that “the Jewish people are guilty before the people”. Because the Jews would “start conspiracies against power” and “try to deceive everyone” – that’s what the books read literally.

Lychen (Source: dpa/Andreas Mellentin)

Battle for Lyche

The “Kingdom of Germany” apparently wants to set up a new location in the Uckermark. In that case, according to Kontraste research, dozens of “Reich citizens” could move to Lychen. At the same time, the organization is becoming more and more openly anti-Semitic. By Silvio Duwe and Kaveh Kooroshymore

Connections to the “Reichsbürger” scene

According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, a possible danger from the group lies in the points of contact and the resulting recruitment potential “not only in the right-wing extremist spectrum,” the spokesman said. As an example, he cited the scene of the so-called Reich citizens and self-governors.

In addition, the Anastasia books appeal to esoteric-ecological milieus, which is why the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees the danger that the ideology is likely to “radicalize people who have not previously been active in extremist groups.”

The spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior emphasized that there is already evidence of the movement’s connections to right-wing extremists, the Holocaust denial scene and Reich citizens and self-government. “For example, there are concrete findings about overlaps with the Reich Citizens’ Group ‘Kingdom of Germany’ before.”

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