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The SCOP, a privileged space for democratic learning


At the question “What changes when you work in a cooperative production society? », the employee-partners of the SCOPs respond first: ” It’s better. » Then, explained by the same expression, polysemous: “We know for what – why? − we work. » For what income, since profits are distributed fairly. “That’s when you realize that in other companies, there are those who put it in their pockets”, emphasizes Mickaël L’Hostis, 44, network fitter at Stepp, public works SCOP in Finistère.

“What is done in the company, it is in our soul and conscience” − Christophe Dangel, employee at Maurer-Tempé

“We will have the same share, Laure [Simon], the director, and I maneuver it at the bottom of my trench,” insists his colleague Fabien Henry, his feet in the furrow dug between two pavilions. Through this fairness and operation in complete transparency, everyone sees themselves as as essential to the success of the company as the others. What gives meaning to work.

“On the site, we are free to organize ourselves as we think. In clubs, we usually say “you’ve got your boss on your back”, but we don’t, it’s total confidence. It’s rewarding.” explains, leaning against his van Erwan Choquer, 52, including twenty-one at Stepp.

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It is therefore also a question of dignity. To feel considered as responsible, autonomous individuals with full rights, whatever their function. “Here, we are not taken for hams! », summarizes with all his cheeky Pascal Lecoq, twenty years at Stepp.

Both the maintenance agent and the operator on the packaging line have their place on the board of directors (CA), provided they are elected by their peers. “When you get up at 2 a.m., taking part in the CA at noon is an effortrecognizes Christophe Dangel, head of the charcuterie division within the SCOP Maurer-Tempé, in Alsace. But that changes everything! We no longer suffer the consequences of decisions made by others, what is done is in our soul and conscience. “. Network worker at Stepp, Grégory Corre candidate for a second term on the Board: “It takes work but I learned a lot, especially on legal issues. »

“People who feel good in SCOP reveal themselves”, believes Sébastien Fouillard, right arm of Laure Simon, the CEO. In front of those who think that democratic functioning rhymes with shit, this one is surprised: “People are naturally intelligent as long as things are explained to them with transparency. »

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