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The pending fate of Elisabeth Borne fuels divisions within the presidential majority


Back to the wall, shouted down by the street where 1.08 million demonstrators marched again on Thursday March 23, Emmanuel Macron thought he had found a political solution to the crisis which threatens to derail his five-year term. The tactic, ” simple “, underlines the Elysée, was revealed during its interview with the television news of TF1 and France 2, Wednesday, taking 11.5 million people to witness. The Head of State, lacking a majority to vote for the pension reform, has called for“expand the presidential majority”. It is up to its Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, to find a new government coalition and to succeed where it has just failed. “I hope she will succeed”he seemed to threaten.

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A lapidary formula but carefully thought out, the day before, by Emmanuel Macron, his team of communicators, the essential secretary general of the Elysée, Alexis Kohler, and the fellow traveler, Richard Ferrand, ex-president of the National Assembly. Objective: to protect the President of the Republic, by sacrificing, if necessary, the Prime Minister, in the logic of the Ve Republic. “Born is the face of method failures”charges a relative of the head of state Thursday, while the French beat the pavement for the ninth time since January 19, with more violence.

Within Macronie, where the message is received as a sentence, everyone is angry with a president who believes he has shown enough patience. The reform, laboriously carried out from start to finish, placed Emmanuel Macron out of time in a country in the throes of conflagration. “She wanted to engage the responsibility of her government. That’s what we call 49.3, famous article”, the head of state discarded on Wednesday, placing the burden of the unpopular outcome on his prime minister.

The president is not one to cry over spilled milk. But the milk is spilled”, underlines an Elysian adviser. At the end of his television interview, Emmanuel Macron turned to his interlocutors asking for an opinion on his performance. “Has anyone ever told you you’re no good?” »inquired one of them. “The only one who tells me is Brigitte. And she’s not here”laughed the head of state, referring to his wife.

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Pointed out, the Prime Minister hoped to get out of this fiasco with a bit of panache. After the rejection of a motion of censure by nine votes, Monday, March 20, she imagined presenting a resignation “of courtesy”, which was to be refused in stride by the President of the Republic. Absurd, opposed Emmanuel Macron. Out of the question to say to him: bravo for not having been knocked down, goodbye and thank you », whistles an adviser to the president. This “sketch” would have deprived the host of the Elysée of the possibility of dismissing her a time later. This does not prevent the Prime Minister from attacking, Tuesday at the Elysée, in front of a few ministers taken aback: “We have the right to use the word victory. »

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