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Shortage of drugs: François Braun promises a return to normal “within two weeks”


The Minister of Health promised, Friday, February 3, the end within two weeks of the shortage of certain drugs, such as amoxicillin. “Yesterday evening, I met with the Minister of Industry, Roland Lescure, the entire sector (…) to say: “Never again!”, this shortage of essential medicines during a winter period”, declared François Braun, at the microphone of Europe 1.

“We are going to come back in the next two weeks to one month of additional amoxicillin stock”assured Mr. Braun, confirming the forthcoming delivery to pharmacies of one million vials of this antibiotic. “We have recovered stocks of paracetamol, so we are out of this period of crisis in the next two weeks”added the minister.

This influx is explained, according to him, by “the work done by manufacturers, who activated the entire production chain”. “Pharmacists will receive 750,000 additional boxes of amoxicillin delivered by Biogaran from February 6”told Agence France-Presse (AFP) the generic laboratory. “In total, over the month of February, we are going to distribute 1,090,000 boxes over three references”he added.

Towards a “drug plan”

The Ministries of Health and Industry have also announced their intention to authorize price increases, “in return for industrial commitments on securing the supply of the French market”they say in a joint statement.

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For several months, the stocks of certain drugs have been low. Two products, widely used by the French, concentrate concerns: pediatric versions of paracetamol and amoxicillin, the most prescribed antibiotic in the country, mainly to treat angina and infantile otitis.

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The Minister of Health now intends “preventing shortage effects”. He asked the sector to establish “for the month of June the list of all essential medicines”. The government wants to be able to quickly identify in the future “all places where there may be problems”he said. “We are anticipating next winter, even if it means making preliminary stocks”, he insisted. François Braun also wishes to launch “a medication plan” to avoid seizures.

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