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Sainte-Soline: the recording which proves that the SAMU did not have the right to intervene


Relief was not prevented from accessing the Sainte-Soline site during the demonstration against the mega-basin on Saturday March 25, said Farnam Faranpour, head of the emergency department of Niort, in Deux-Sèvres. On the other hand, he acknowledged that there had been difficulties in accessing the most seriously injured, in particular the two young people between life and death.

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“For this seriously injured young man, there was a first call to the firefighters who left, but the geolocation did not make it possible to find the placeexplained the emergency doctor to France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Tuesday March 28. So, we waited for other calls to specify the place and we finally sent the SMUR from Ruffec which was closest to the place. » But when the team arrived, they were stopped by injured protesters who needed treatment.

The League for Human Rights (LDH) and several associations consider, on the contrary, that the security forces prohibited the SAMU 79 from going to the site of the demonstration, and have a telephone recording which seems establish it. The LDH had sent six teams of three observers to the field on Saturday, in liaison with four other people, who remained in support in a room, in the town of Melle (Deux-Sèvres). Among them, three lawyers, Sarah Hunet-Ciclaire, Chloé Saynac and Pierre-Antoine Cazau, as well as a doctor, Jérémie F., general practitioner in a health center, who does not wish to give his name.

“Not appropriate”

It was in this room that the LDH recorded the 7 minute 30 conversation with the SAMU, which The world was able to consult. Doctor’s phone rings constantly, the teams on site report a cervical wound here, a shattered jaw or an open fracture there; and it is agreed that he can serve as coordinator. He has already called the medical dispatcher of the SAMU, first to request a helicopter, then because the LDH observers told him that help was not arriving, and that there was at least one injured person whose prognosis vital was engaged.

It is 2:50 p.m. when Doctor F. calls the fire brigade.

− A firefighter: I have just had the SAMU on site who told me, no one is being sent there, the victim assembly point is at the Sainte-Soline church, once they are there, the commitment means will be decided.

− The doctor: Listen, I think it’s a, it’s not, well, I think it’s not a timely decision.

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