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Podcast. Police violence: BRAV-M under fire from critics


In recent weeks, several videos circulating on social networks show BRAV-M police officers charging and bludgeoning protesters.

Composed of mobile motorcycle duos, these brigades responsible for maintaining order are increasingly criticized and accused of committing police violence, to the point thata petition on the website of the National Assembly calling for their dissolution collects around 150,000 signatures.

On March 24, The world revealed the audio recording of an arrest, during which BRAV-M police officers threaten and intimidate seven young people arrested on the night of Monday March 20.

So why does the BRAV-M crystallize so much criticism? Why was it created and how does it operate? How to explain his offensive, even violent behavior?

In this episode of the “L’Heure du Monde” podcast, Antoine Albertini, police specialist at World, explains the methods used by the BRAV-M and how it works.

An episode of Dorali Mensah and Adèle Ponticelli. Production and credits music: Amandine Robillard. Presentation and editor-in-chief: Jean-Guillaume Santi. In this episode, excerpts from the recording of March 20, 2023 in Paris, obtained by Antoine Albertini for “Le Monde”.

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