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Pensions: the government accused of carrying out an “anti-women” reform


The government is struggling to hold a coherent discourse on its pension reform. While the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, supported in The Sunday newspaper of January 22 that she will not “no losers”, other voices, at the highest level of the State, have recognized the existence of unfavorable incidences, due to the decline in the legal age of departure. Blessed bread for the opposition, who saw it as an admission of the executive on the character “unfair” measures taken.

The controversy emerged on Monday, January 23, a few hours after the presentation of the reform bill to the Council of Ministers. The text was accompanied by a 112-page government report on its ” Goals “ and on his ” effects “. This shows, among other things, that women will have to push back the age at which they retire more significantly than men: the lag will be seven months for them compared to five months for them in the case of the 1966 generation, of nine months against five months for the 1972 generation, and eight months against four months for the 1980 generation.

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The highlighting of this difference according to sex immediately caught the attention and embarrassed several representatives of power. Questioned, Monday evening, on this subject, during a program on the Parliamentary Channel, Franck Riester, the minister delegate in charge of relations with Parliament, replied, after a reasoning that was not completely clear, that “women are obviously a little penalized”adding: “We absolutely do not disagree. (…) We never said (…) that everyone was a winner, we are asking the French to make an effort. » The following day, on Franceinfo, Clément Beaune, the minister delegate for transport, also declared that, “sometimes the jump is going to be a little bit bigger” for women.

A “false trial” according to Borne

In their respective speeches, these two members of the government underlined that the reform contains provisions which particularly benefit women: for example, the revaluation of the minimum pension or the taking into account of periods of parental leave to be eligible for the career system. long. They will also, Mr. Beaune specified, take advantage of the fact that the age for canceling the discount is maintained at 67, because studies show that they are more often the ones who have to go to this limit to avoid a penalty that would cut into their pension. With all these parameters set “End to end, I believe that we arrive at a balance”estimated the minister delegate for transport.

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