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Pension reform, live: 4,200 demonstrators identified Saturday evening in Paris according to the police, 122 people arrested


The Ministry of the Interior counted 4,200 demonstrators in Paris on Saturday evening and 122 arrests

A total of 169 people, including 122 in Paris, were arrested on Saturday evening in France during demonstrations marred by tensions between the police and the demonstrators, according to a report communicated on Sunday by the Ministry of the Interior.

In Paris, Place de la Concorde where gatherings were prohibited, 400 checks took place and 12 arrests, said the ministry. Place d’Italie, where 4,200 demonstrators had joined according to the police, there were 110 arrests. In Lyon, 15 people were arrested.

As we wrote earlier, all those arrested are not systematically placed in police custody and those who are are not necessarily prosecuted afterwards. For example, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office, of the 292 police custody measures taken after Thursday’s demonstration, only nine resulted in a referral, in particular for a reminder of the law. All other police custody was lifted without prosecution.